Thanks to all of you who voted to ensure that Tabernacle won the wales-wide competition launched by broadcaster and writer Huw Edwards to find the most popular place of worship. It attracted 7081 votes, reaching a comfortable majority. The award will be presented by the National Council of Churches, who organised the competition, at Tabernacle on Thursday, September 28th, time to be confirmed. All are welcome.


The story in the following pages is of a church and community working together to restore one of only twelve Grade 1-listed chapels in Wales, the largest and loftiest.

Its architectural merits apart, Morriston Tabernacle remains a religious and cultural centre in the lower Swansea Valley as it celebrates its 140th anniversary.

A happy story of effort and success so far, ensuring that the building is in better condition than in living memory. However,the nationwide patterns of dwindling congregations, membership and donations pose serious questions regarding its future, especially the church's ability to raise the required 60% match-funding of any grants provided by CADW , the Welsh Government's Historic Environment Service, towards upkeep. Established as a Welsh Independent Church, it cannot receive financial support from any denominational body.

If you are enthused by this magnificent Victorian building, are a UK tax-payer and would like to play a part in securing its future by making a donation, please contact us, giving your full postal address. We will send you an envelope which will enable you to maximise your donation by means of Gift Aid.

Morriston RC Choir at Morriston Tabernacle